August 28, 2018

Future Cubytes Releases

I'd like to set in stone some future deadlines/plans for Cubytes, being the rest of the Alphas bringing more content.

Alpha 6

Major Features: Black Holes, Arcade Mode, Cheat Codes
Release Date: Sep 6, 2018

Alpha 7

Major Features: Lasers, Save Games, Arcade Mode Levels 11 - 15
Release Date: Sep 14, 2018

Alpha 8

Major Features: Shaders, High Scores, Animations
Release Date: Sep 28, 2018

Alpha 9

Major Features: Arcade Mode Levels 16 - 25, Story Mode complete
Release Date: Oct 8, 2018

Alpha 10

Major Features: Some cool end-game stuff, End of Game
Release Date: Oct 31, 2018

Those are the planned Alphas at the moment. I'm fairly certain that Alpha 10 will be the last alpha, and Betas will start from there.

Speaking of Betas, I plan to stay in Beta until April, then release the game. Hoping for a Q2 2019 launch.
That means that Cubytes will be in development for around a year, which isn't bad for a first commercial project.

But there's one more question I wish to answer today.

When will the game stop being free?

Alpha 7 will be the last free Alpha. After that then the game will launch on Steam in Q2, and then you can buy it and experience it yourselves.


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